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Manufacturer and provider of divine Art paintings and Artifact.

Our humble start originated in 1990 at the foothills of Sri Venkateswara Swamy's abode - Tirumala. Founded by Veluru Sankar Naidu - the visionary, achiever and passionate promoter of Art and Paintings. Our initial start was of a tiny offset printing press with lamination mostly printing Indian deities pictures. Growing through the process made us realize the quality of developing, printing and framing of art required improvements with innovation. We took the innovation part to heart and improved the processes to sustain the exceptions of modern people.

Now, after a long journey in to the process of making numerous original divine art paintings and introducing unique sculptures into the mainstream market, we are one of the recognized original art publishers in INDIA.

We are probably the only source in Bharata varsha producing divine art taking references straight from shaastras like AAGAMAS and VEDAS. The great Rishis who realized the potential energies present in the forms as described in shastras de-coded them and made them available to everyone, Forms and shapes of such immense energies come in contact, shall make a profound positive impact on the observer's psyche . Such an interaction with the art and form promotes the unity of one's inner space with the cosmos. We wish everyone to experience those vibes that an art painting can generate. Not many of us know that form and shape of Gods as described in ancient Hindu scriptures do carry such an effect on the mind of human beings.

We took this as a mission and started working with experts of ancient scriptures to derive the forms and shapes described in shastras. We develop art and paint them to the detail as mentioned in the scripts that generates highly positive vibrations when performed with poojas as described.

Proprietor of LAVANYA GROUPS

Mr. V.Sankar Naidu, whose rich experience in the field of art and he was much interested and dedication person toward gods and goddess .he always focus and research about divinity, he followed his guru MR. S. Raja garu for acquire knowledge and wisdom. He believes in the slogan "Sarve Jana Sukino Bhavanthu".

He set a Aim that Lavanya picture should be in everyone home around the world and be blessed .he follows every single aspect should correct form of god and goddess …he produce each photo frame with different element like ‘Nista’(pure contribution), ‘Niyama’(religious observance) , Dharana (concentration), Shaucha (internal and external purity), Santosha (contentment), Tapas (austerity), Svadhyaya (study of religious books and repetitions of Mantras) also on…..he always use word :

“The main magic is to put soul into the painting to enliven it – give life to it, and I have given all my life to it.”

he also blessed with smart idea like creating unique items , technical development and upgrading technology in day to day life and improving technical value to do better service to customer and reach the goal of customer satisfaction levels ,To enrich divinity to the world

For over two decades, Lavanya company manufacturing wide range of eye catching religious photo in all formats like paper printing , lamination ,specialized media printing ,diamond studded frames and tanjore paintings and many more ….

Quality Assurance:

We make sure that we stand up to the expectations of the clients at all levels by working as per their requirements and get the desired results. We use quality raw materials like Wood, stones, gold foil sheets, canvas boards,frames,prints and paints to get unmatched quality of the paintings and to make sure that they remain unaffected by the factors like time, humidity etc

He introduced latest technology and tends in the field of devotional brought out the beauty of gods and goddess in different formats as follows

Custom Picture Frames

Providing Custom picture frames for customers with the best in class quality and durability. Our process employees cutting edge technology with a blend of beauty.

Large Format Printing

We provide the largest possible printing with top most quality pigment inks. We have the industries leading printing technology employed at our facility to deliver the top quality products at a short note.

Printing Press

Our Press services cater to the mass printing needs of art loving people.

Diamond Fitted Frames

America diamond fitted frames and artworks that meet the pleasing eyes of customers.

Tirupati Gold Painitings

We are the ones developing the traditional art of gold foil painting in Tiruapti which is an age old tradition found in South India Tanjore.

Customer Concept Desgins

We provide the best solution for the customer's needs bringing into reality of a design that was a part of the customer imagination.


Mr.S.Raja is a most senior artist of pudukkottai in Tamil nadu, a follower of Ravi Varma School ,who has several works of art to his credit .he comes from a long line of traditional painters dedicated to exerting a genuine spiritual influence on society through artistic means.

The eternal wisdom of Hindu epics, such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana, and pay respects to such revered deities as Ganesh, shiva, Rama, Krishna, lakshmi, saraswati and others

“In spiritual art, the artist’s ultimate desire is to clarify man’s relationship with god “

The skilled brain behind the success of Lavanya group. We profoundly believe that Mr. raja’s contributions to the field of art is marvelous, without his expertise and knowledge in the art.we acknowledge our respect and deep heart salute to the Great artist .

We stared a small unit of printing of offset and lamination of devotional photo, now we became the number one bulk supplier to entire world. We introduced latest technology and tend in the field of Devotional photo frames.

This commitment has constantly fuelled the journey, encouraging us to think differently, work with passion and make things happen. Today, after 20 years, our commitment, passion and entrepreneurial spirit have only grown bigger, spurring us to look ahead and continue this journey towards achieving greater heights of Value Creation.

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